Adding a conservatory will bring a new dimension to your home. It will create an elegant extra living space. Light and
airy it is the perfect place to entertain, enjoy your favourite hobbies or to put your feet up and relax.

Armaglaze offer a range of conservatories to suit every property. You can chosse from a wide range of styles to create a modern or period design including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Sun lounge or nearly any combination of these.


Whether it is an extension to your kitchen for entertaining, a dinning room to provide the perfect setting for dinner or an office, a conservatory is a stylish and elegant way to add more space and flexibility to your home.

 Your new space can be contemporary or traditional, complex or with clean lines.

Planning your conservatory

Official Permissions

Check with Armaglaze whether or not planning permission is required(in most common cases it isn’t). If planning permission is required you must submit the appropriate application forms to your local council before they can grant permission. In certain circumstances you may need to apply for Building Regulation approval. However, this is not required on the majority of domestice conservatories.

Choose a style

At Armaglaze we have a wide range of conservatory types to choose from, Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Gable, Lean-To, T Shape, P Shape, Lantern and Large Span.

Choosing the site

When planning a conservatory you must consider such factors as,

– an outside wall of sufficient length.
– the square meterage available for building a conservatory.
– the room which will provide interior access to the conservatory
– access from the conservatory into the garden.
– walls, buildings, trees and greenery next to the proposed site.